Barak Obama has earlier prediction of Robert Kennedy, challenged the American ideal. As his brother John Kennedy
and Martin Luther King, and now Barak Obama will go the same fate. The assassination of President Obama will take
place October 22, 2009 and attacks the man's name is Christopher Fitzgerald, he belongs in the ultra-reactionary circles
who believe that the American ideal will burst with Obama's actions which have to be regarded as left socialism.
I have contact with American Robert Hastings who, through his extensive studies on the extraterrestrial entities, affected
U.S. nuclear weapons bases. He has performed CNN with Larry King (Download You Tube Larry King Ufo). Hastings
neither confirmed nor denied Ala as extraterrestrial beings, but when I sent email to him this steamy as this is mentioned on
Obama, it was he who suggested me to contact the Secret Service, and unless I did this he would do it.
Hastings contacted the Secret Service, and has informed me that, but the problem is of course, with this, if they can find
him designated assassins, so we will never know this, but if the prediction about Obama would still come true, which would
be extremely unfortunate, I have still done what I could do.