Science has created this misunderstanding, that with a given year
to ensure the birth of the universe with what they call a big bang!
A condensed mass would then be started and the peculiar appearance
of all life in the universe! We reserve the right to declare a silly
characters. If this compressed mass, why would explode? What forces
in the universe could achieve such an explosion? And what forces have
been able to compress the mass to the small size while maintaining
this huge burst and then at a certain timing to explode.

This is the human composure persuade rather lack, or shall we say
reflects an understanding not reality. It probably well each and
every one realize that such a constellation can not exist in the
universe. We have not mentioned that the indestructible energy just
been eaten in the universal cycle for its matter arises. Yet the
destruction of the material substance for energy. This is the truth
about the universe, there is a constant cycle where energy becomes
matter and matter is energy.

The human intellect is able to not understand that, then humans so
far not been able to assimilate the incarnation importance in the
universe. Man of their daily life must have a beginning and an end.
There must be in the human conceptual world a beginning and an end.
That in the morning to get up out of bed is the beginning of the day
and going to bed is the end. To overcome this incarnation must have
its rightful role. Since the disappearance of both the beginning and
end, life is eternal, that the universe is eternal. To remember their
incarnations, each man to do, it comes into the media circles that can
convey this. Conditions are, but the fear is blocking. We say that
man's current existential level is, of necessity having to understand
this. This ensures no human survival on this earth, but it helps the
awareness of the universe truth, so far, this misunderstood information
about the universe's creation with a big bang.

The big bang theory. The science is seeking to ensure that, by applying
it here we talked about, the beginning and end of which is so firmly
anchored in the human psyche, with this big bang which is the beginning
of life in the universe, as early in the morning to get up from bed. This
is the makers justifiable for humans in their present position given,
but this is not the universe truth. Science cling on to its top, although
they must have a beginning of their research, though in their quiet
moments have to think about what this big bang had been originate. But
where does the thinking end, as everyday humans could not perceive that
rise up out of bed was the beginning of the day. The initiated say they,
what is so late in the universe? The answer is there is no end, there is
a constant cycle, matter becomes energy, energy into matter, life is death
and death is life.

This will be difficult for people to understand, we say sending up your
thoughts straight up into the sky in the universe, wait to beat you these
thoughts in mind, and you satisfied with this.