These circles which are mostly in Wiltshire, England, but also here in Sweden and also around the world.
What is the meaning of these circles?

If we had the opportunity to descend on this earth, we would have achieved a complete dissolution of the
earthly notions, so far a complete chaos. We have chosen to express ourselves in these circles. These are
configured as a poem to be understood with the knowledge that exists on Earth. They initiated that has the
desire and self-esteem to seek this knowledge will find it in the ancient library, and in the writings of the many
philosophers, which occurred mainly in the biblical context but also in other religious cultures. As we have
previously pointed out it was not possible for us to reach consensus among all the people as long as the
mass media technology has not reached the current high level.

What we refer to our information in these circles is to make people aware of the configuration and strongly point
out that no human hand could achieve this. While falsifiers been carried out but these are easy to discern where
the mining of seed in the fake is made with an accent from above, we achieved a total refractive Indeed seeds
look at the soil surface so as to provide clear understandable picture of the evidence we want to present . In the
fake, forming a seed ANOMALY that rather confuse the viewer, which we perceive as being easy to understand
even for the most initiated scepsis!

The varied messages around the world are intended to arouse the attention they should make significant pattern
we have achieved. To create the wonder of human thought tighten why and how have these patterns created.
Let a concentrated light to fill the vacuum that the viewer knows at first sight of the pattern. Post notice viewer
any relationship with the pattern. Something affect him her to a spiritual elation in that participation in the design,
then we have succeeded in our goal to create condition for escalated insight into our immediate purposes, namely,
people's awakening to the universe of truth and his own involvement in it.

These our circles in fields patterns create for the viewer the immediate threat of a human existence so far is our aim
only to notice if it is to come, namely the impossible configuration of human behavior on this earth, without regard to
its ecological environment. This is experienced for the viewer as a constant rumination of the negative aspects of man.
But what is the alternative?

For the inveterate scepcis must surely ask themselves, when he stands in the middle of circles and wonder how this
is possible. This huge circle with this pervasive pattern. Who would rush to do this design for a night, in darkness
without being detected? Why spend so much hard work is just forced to joke? And then not even have to talk about
who done this. And if it is referred, it was detected and then, if it still continued?

Our aim with these circles is to raise people's awareness of their impending life on this earth, to be insightful about the
big picture of the universe, not to show absolute fear of other existences in the universe, accept this fact, understand
our message with circles as a significant evidence of our existence and that the threat is not from us, but the greatest
threat comes from the people themselves in their destructive struggle for life without seeing the whole universe and the
existence of God and Jesus.