We marvel at the LETHARGY and appeasement by world leaders hanging out. At the recently concluded meeting in
Davos, Switzerland. As highlighted at this meeting among the world's most important? Nothing, there was no overall
decision was that everything in one big hub for mutual admiration.

When no understanding and lethargy reaches this outer limit what can we expect for the future? It is not for us to give
the people warning of warning about the catastrophic future that must come when no one is supposed to perceive what
we wanted to convey this website! If we mentioned all the existential factual units in the sense never presented in this
easily accessible medium that technology is able to create, so our hope would have been an impact of those who have
been so aware and taking up the issue as never before reported this medium as to be Universe truth. We surprised the
slowness and appeasement that characterizes all who read these pages. Hakan is our contact, non because of his life has
been beset by problems, but in his incarnation of this life he now lives on this earth you. He himself chose to step down
if possible, pass by us, the truth that the universe is real truth.

  It is not for us to ensure that your planet's future, it must earth inhabitants make themselves. What falls within yourself
that you do not understand? Could it be that you turn a blind eye with both eyes, ears and nose? You see not the complexity
of this planet your creature? You see not a pattern in everything? What would a human life on this earth if she could not
understand their own planet of origin and the necessary prosperity? We say add up all the globalization thinking
INTERMITTENTLY flourishes in the dammed rivers of non-informed desires. It should anyone become completely
clear that such a sensitive instrument that your soil is, with all its inflata same effects in a periodic frequency system where
we say every piece of the puzzle in this system had its firm place.

  What is so worrying? Not because of the humanity pleases perceive the probability of all life on this earth you. It would
now appear for the initiated who have the ability to understand, that if not now vigorous efforts be made a general awakening
to the path that the people now entering the full devastation! We have pointed out, and do it again. The greenhouse growing
now is shaped before the eyes of the world is certainly a worrying sign, but the biggest threat is the pollution of the atmosphere
with all the chemicals that enter into the air fiercely. As we pointed out in this statement has any rate its firm place. If the imbalance
occurs where unnecessary frequencies are mixed outside the system enters the complete collapse. That is precisely what is now
happening in the all-encompassing water, rain, clouds system that we have described in the file "cloud formation." To this
unresponsive flourishes to this extent, we have difficult to understand, what would be the likelihood of this periodic system
unless the interpenetration of all life created the entity whose existence is a prerequisite for life on this earth you. To begin WIND
in one end of the system and then find overlap in a quagmire of human unsubstantiated claims is the truth, we are extremely sorry
inhabitants of the earth.

Hakan has not wanted to take to heart that we are an alien group with the contact here named Ala, in the sense of this website
has consisted of his fear that this would scare initiated readers. We say that our existence is the existing cosmic all in the universe
in the sense the existence of all life. This may be frightening for those not yet dared to raise over the selfinstructed limited horizon,
but we wonder whether the coefficient of intimidation was in human terms presented to a future life of degraded soil in which the
comparison for the intimidation of our existence! Why our existence at all costs be kept away humanity depends on the power
structures that exist in this world you. The wealthy always seek external enemies in order to document their power. This is the
ultimate threat to the public awakening that your world is facing. Is there not in this new medium as we now serves us as much
information that confirms our existence? Is not the U.S. Internet sites full of information about our existence? How can anyone
doubt the image that is? The question we keep asking ourselves whether this fact will become a truth for everyone?

  That your soil is a living creature for non because you have to take to you and understand this. The universe is a vast number
of planets similar to the one you are. We have explained to you the universe's current cycle of your world, as well as for all the
worlds in the universe. All during the same existential laws but what is the universe and God's inadequacy is that the Bible speaks
of the father who had two sons, with the one made by the father said, while the other squandered its fathers will early, but recovered
when he turned understood its mistake and made improvement in their lives. Similarly, we say, we can only indicate that we do
now about the future of the people. The difference in what we warn the incoming son that he could come back to the father.
This would in a ruined life plane be an impossibility! Blatant expressed the father could have lost a son, he had but one remained.
Similarly, the universe and God's power many sons assimilate, in the form of other planets with life's existence, but this is little help
if a human self-destructive force destroys his residence in the universe. We now see how the contradictions stacked, although the
discussions are high on a better world. Who should take the first decision, but self-interest, to ensure that your planet's future
prosperity and development?

What would be the assistance we are trying to muster unless there was feedback. The world's leaders engaged in hair-splitting
in his constant talk of joint efforts for a united world, as a unit on climate situation. We say an alien implant in the form of contact
we have by Hakan. His life agenda is in one perspective, very embarrassing for him. but in the second, he is assigned this task to
convey the address failures that are absolutely necessary for the people to understand.

It is not without reason that we chose him for this subversive information, knowledge, he was the most suitable, the his character,
willpower and perseverance, to always fight for what he believes to be right, and this will be his sensitive intellect, he only in some
small matters become concerned. In the sense, he has not  released until his high intellect, to the points in which he and our view
runways have been met. He has lived all his life outside his high intellect, and when it does not fit in relations, he has turned into a
destructive thought to himself. Now is the time for Hakan to play the decisive role with us and with all its force to convey the message
we have to put him. It would be presumptuous us not to pursue this agenda enshrined by us with Hakan. If we are to this contact
we had with Hakan ever since 1991 were not complete in the sense of immediate effect in the end, we always had the intention.

For those who read this and hopefully complete the entire page that contains the wisdom truths for the benefit of all humanity on
this your earth. You set your course. What is this, anyway? That we pretend another existential reality which can have with this
planet to do. But we say to our ultimate reality, this incomprehension about the universe of truth, about God and Jesus reality, man
can not handle. We say it now faces man's port is an extremely unfortunate truth. Man's absolute incomprehension to an address
next to its existence in the sense of the necessary realization of its holding with the universe totality. What we are here for is to
Håkan in his turbulent life subversive received this awareness of his life, and the traumatic blockage that entered into with the
assault in 1988 as without our assistance would have given him a shortened life in deep depression and anxiety. Well prepared
as we were on that his development when he himself chose in its last incarnation to descend on this earth even though he was
well aware of how difficult it would be for him. We have previously informed of the existence of the Incarnation, as the only real
explanation for the return of life on this earth.

  What would then all our contact and information with Hakan host since 1991, we could not get our message to as many
people as possible on this earth? Would we all these years that both have helped Hakan and this vital information about this
your planet's future, while this would disappear in the media noise which takes itself too large proportions of these Internet sites.
What would be where our information hosted on we could not recognize our truth, Hakan is afraid that we scare readers with
this. Anyone who thinks that the population exists on this earth you are the only one in the universe accepts you, a restriction
which we perceive to be phenomenal. Where would all the information available on this page come from? The people must
accept this truth, the sooner the better. What would be more frightening, that people on this earth you destroy your own way
of life, than the existence of us? Perhaps that some destructive forces within the military establishment, particularly in the U.S.
but also of leading capitalist states are seeking to find an external enemy, so as to preserve its sovereignty and which in former
times oppress other less wealthy states in the hope that this continues in due time. This is the worst scenario that could occur,
we say to quote the Bible knowledge you have you provided, the man had two sons, one was identified as the father, the other
squandered their assets, but returned to the father, who congratulated him. We say there are many sons of God's universe, but
blatant expressed the earth that has been lost can not come back, nevertheless emitted these warnings to the people, whether
they understood or not we have done what we could.

  They initiated that have this knowledge of us, are derived in their doubts about us, that we are malicious towards the people.
We are not alone in the universe just as you are on your soil are people of different characters. This can only be explained by
the positive life energy, which govern all life on earth in the universe. What would be the prerequisite for life, unless the difference
between good and evil exist. How would a living being able to gain a foothold in his life if he did not know what that brought to
life instead of death. A life must surely be created with these conditions, otherwise it will not survive. There are creatures in the
universe that are at these lower levels of development but who want to make themselves prominent, they put the chagrin of you,
for us, but they do not have the possibility of a long-term positive agenda for the people, they have not achieved the high level
everything under God's umbrella, is nevertheless justified by the existence of your soil, in the sense of the complexity of all the
life interpenetration frequencies, where is the beginning and was there late in the frequency of eternal increase the cycle?

  The reason we persevered in this way stubbornly repeatedly call for the attention of this web page readers is that in the life
frequencies of all the planets that exist in the universe will ultimately to the stage where they are forced to choose their future
or to abstain. What would be a positive life energy on the so to speak, bore responsibility for its own energy? To what extent
would this energy to convey a rate-raising for the exists of life available on this earth? This is perhaps difficult to understand,
let us explain. The reader must now have understood the cosmic truth that life was not of this earth from the beginning. Similarly,
the reader must now have understood that it is the cosmic energies emitted by what you call God governing all life on this planet
you, but the responsibility ends, so to speak, when human consciousness and intellect reached the level where the understanding
is for what we have right here omtalar on this website. It is now mining the people themselves and manage their own lives on
its own soil.

  The time has now come where the people themselves choose their future on this earth. Whether the level has reached the
critical stage of this self-understanding, is what the continuing battle may be about. That there is a conflict, there is no doubt,
it is about GRIEVED views where people are looking for their security in an antique thinking based on millennia of historical
events without being able to listen to the Bible in that it was written for those who lived, but this contemporary possibility of
rapid communication to all corners of the earth. Nevertheless, this book, a truth, in that the only guideline for people to come
together in common tanks, the alternative is an exploding egoism, where each soul creates its own truth, and then the material
and technical development has now reached this high level, has this led to materialism and forced people to an increasingly
insane buying demand at the expense of its own well-being and a consumer of the world's raw material resources in an
increasingly rapid pace, to what purpose that the increase in pollution and the environment deteriorates. We call on this
website for calm, understand that the earth truth, all life truth is not derived from this earth without the participation is in the
infinite life in the universe and all of this is what you call God is the ultimate of all existences in the universe.

  Whether we call humanity's call for a recognition of the truth we are conveying. It should now for everyone to be beyond
all doubt that the man unresponsive its own planet existential nature as a living creature. Go to your little garden and imagine
you would treat it as you treat your living planet? That year in and year out completely suck out all alive, and not to keep
what you once took, in that give the garden an opportunity to respiration? At the same time, pollute the air, and carry out
the prolonged drought, and then completely flood it with water? Adding chemicals that do not belong to the garden cycle,
to increase the yield and also tamper with food frequencies and thus create disorder in the potential of life frequency of the
periodic table. What would be the earth's ecological system if not the existence of the intertwined life energies were not
available at the place they were intended? Why do you not understand that every single life rate from bacteria to humans
maintain the necessary ecological balance of your soil? Disrupted a link in the chain fail it!

  The turbulence in the world now faces a former Western democracy with a hegemony of a 500-year exploitation of the
remaining people of the world. This is an impossibility, a balancing process must come into being. Whether the earth
beslutshavare understand this or opposes this, it is of necessity have to. If the U.S. elections are now facing in 2009 is not
as the leader in the U.S. have been expected, but a situation that never previously occurred in the U.S., entirely dependent
on the devastating recession that now occur in 2008. Whether the leader understands or not that will change the bottom
up from the grass roots who do not accept the requisite restraint. Bush regime's madness has led the American people into
this. Effect on the rest of the world is devastating. If a hegemony must be dismantled so a new take on. Why would the new
economic powers to save the old? We say this turmoil that is now the world faces has never previously accepted. It is now
up to the forces that exist in Earth's proximity to their correspondents to convey the message that is crucial to the future and
survival. Whether an idea is about our existence or not, so should every sound and logical thinking human being that a thought,
a human thought is the most amazing that has been created. That these ideas can be stored in the human brain and remain there
in an inexhaustible until the man dies, but even then disappear this thought pattern is forwarded to the knowledge bank as you
call God, as our name is synonymous viability of the positive energies that govern all life in the universe . This is the universal
truth in the sense of running for life frequencies.

  We are well aware of Håkans resistance as he obscure experience of the reader, and certainly it is for first-time reader, but
this is the truth that the people must listen to and understand when the time horizon of this world now finds itself in is participation
in the universe infinite Chain, as far as we speak are named, not to interfere with the human structure, to the realization of its
existence escalated in this way in Håkans website. This is our message to the people and all life on this earth