Concerning creation of clouds.

Science has not yet observed why the temperature on earth are increasing constantly. It depends on that creation of clouds has reduced, as the airpollultion makes the cellnucles who create clouds, no longer can be crystallized as before.
The requirements for ions of sulfhur in the oceans which of the capillar force will be able to transport those ions in bubbles of air, up to the airlayer where the oxygen atoms, together with existing airmoisture will create drops of rain.
Airpollutions principally nitrogen, will be the greatest obstacle for those cellnucles to create clouds, as nitrogen in its molekylstructure prevent oxygen with the ions of sulfhur to create drops of rain. All pollution has a negative effect but nitrogen are the most conducive cause.
The clouds task is to transport sulfhur, iodine and water, important for all life on land, but must also protect for the sun heating. Please note as far as up to now, the pollutions has been a protection effect on sun heating. But as the creations of clouds will decline, the sun heating will accelerate and the fact are that this protecting pollutionlayer will be a climate expansive devastating effect on the temperatur on earth.
Please note that all life on earth has a growing arsenal between 18- 30 degrees, if this will be displaced som degrees, devasting consequenses for all life on this earth.
All people on this earth must understand those devastating facts.