Of today's SKL investigating why the Estonia sank due to the pouring
in water through it sank bow visor, the ship capsize and the lower
windows was shattered and water poured into. Why bow visor came off?
The revival of interest rates prevailing when the newly formed Estonia
Company was formed by the Swedish and Estonian authorities and owners.
After a long time in the Soviet sphere of power would this ship be valve
for the new free Estonia. Both line and the crew were full of enthusiasm,
so that the slowness and the verdict was a neglected place.
The bow visor was subjected to pressures that constantly opened and
closed and the couple of gripping claws that were on both sides of
the visor, as the wear is not fully able to anticipate where the steel
tabs draw in the hull. The ramp that was attached to the hull and when
the bow visor was folded, the ramp was raised against the visor. When
the ferry was in port was convicted visor up and down the ramp and the
cars ran ashore and vice versa. Estonia officers were responsible for
all material on board was in perfect condition. This was not the case
with this visor. This visor has two gripping claws on each side, which
is holding the steel pins that are on the sides of the hull. Of poor
maintenance and deterioration prompted the grip of chlorine does not
fully draw on these steel pins.
The space behind the second visor not suitable for cars, but there were
officers accustomed to place two cargo containers. It is not here for us
to speak about these containers were lashed in the hull or not, but they
were not this, the only surviving officers can comment on, is the most
likely scenario to those of the living power at the sharp sea and speed
of the vessel, INTERMITTENTLY approached the ramp and bow visor. Once
pressured these gripping claws that did not have the full fitting on the
steel pins, gradually to loosen taking bow visor of the massive lake,
the wind picked up on the forecastle, and when these shocks were heard
this as the severe knocks, which could be perceived as bomb. The injuries
found on visor testimony to this procedure. When the bow visor fluctuated
and finally came off, fell ramp straight out and left a large hole in the
massive lake and the fishing vessel and tons of water in a very short time
flowed into the ship.

This water flowed down into the lower spaces, and finally capsize the boat,
the lower windows was shattered and water poured in there as well. The
crew of the tires should observed, but were unable in the time to do command
the attention of this, once it was discovered acting officer in panic and
could not cope with the situation and would have stopped the ship and turned
the stern towards the lake.