It should now for everyone who reads this Hakan website that this information comes
from an alien group led by Hakan contact Ala. The reader should examine all the
information points available on the Web page, then these highlights in the highest
degree the essential information to you earth people.
We note the changes that are now undergoing human concepts in the sense polarization
with us and who are against us. Requirements of our existence creates the one hand,
a happiness but on the other hand, a fear on the verge of fanaticism. Earth's summary
to its final crescendo has begun its tragic journey. What would be when our warnings
to benefit if we did not understand what we are over here on Hakan site!
Unlike the numerous prophecies that are available we mention only one fact. It is only
you living on the planet who are responsible for your planet! Do you not see how you
*cracked an active precipitated ordered by the forces that have only the globe self-
interest to the profits of profit as the sole target. What would be a given community
in order to create a uniform soil. We say stop the leaching of the human psyche and
demeaning to the original attributes of life in that corner pillar for all life.
The truth schools do unto you free, a truth beyond your existing sense. This truth
should be the guiding principle for all time you have to devote yourself to, then
the explosion of ambiguities that this earth you will become a reality within a
four-year period in the sense of this your final chaos.
What would be a cosmic truth framed in a human unless it had a truth to the people
for the benefit of all life on this earth you! It is, of necessity forced you to see
your cosmic cycle in the sense the path that you now have fallen into. What would be
a cosmic truth, if you do not you relied on it? How can you believe that you have
chosen the right path when you are constantly in the most brutal way, reminded
ecological truths in an ever increasing pace, which prevents a firm position to
sensible action.
Is not now a reality produced before your eyes? You harm them here trumpeted four
years. What will happen? The U.S. review continues then the entire U.S. economic
based on the exploitation of third world. That may apply to everything from raw
materials to a huge corruption in the sense a self-created bonus scheme where cake
on cake placed in storage in warehouses and as the guarantor of this to the American
people stand for. The world has not transparent that American bluff until now. World
in its current banking system is so included in each other so that no one can pull out.
Seem so, all! What has caused this to all of its nationwide banks are so glued to each
other? The foundation is working capital. What constitutes a days worth of the wealthy
western states compared to the third world?
Now we have to explain the cosmic truth to the people. Why do you think this is not
earth has come to? Was it for you in your comic link would be allowed to destroy it?
If we say that we helped to create the world now is in your eyes, do you think of this?
Can you understand what we previously mentioned on this page Hakan how the cosmic
energies emitted by what you call God is the beginning of all life on this earth you!
What do you then to think that these cosmic energies likely to stop their effect? We
have previously mentioned in Hakan Web page that, when the media reached the level
where all the people can be involved in the Earth's actual course of events, as saying
all people of diverse corners of the earth know what is happening in the opposite.
You are there now!
These turbulent four years that is now imminent then what will happen? We mentioned
working capital. The third world's leading emerging economies, has no requirement for
capital investment in the domestic structures.
This money has been sought for the well-oiled Western democracies, which in turn is
believed that this money is our money. In that regard was the capital's best performing
run a virtual banking world was created based on the air. However, now that the nascent
economies realize that their money is invested in a house of cards, they will demand
that they be paid back. Not this year, when they search all the time to find explanations
for events that unless the truth was there. They try in the first stage to be gentile,
but when the pressure from the unemployed masses in their own country constantly rising,
will the pressure to bring home equity tirelessly to increase.
Behind all, including the desperate banking world is this fact that the money none can eat.
You can buy for the money! But if the banking world collapses there is no stability and
there is no stability in the article as a precondition of a lower value. Which means very
low value of money, and as inflation rises and must be fought with high interest rates.
All countries will now be hit by high inflation, even those who have the balance of trade
surplus. This will be offset by high interest rates which in turn swallowed up in a
Catch-22 to see the money value of an unstable banking world lose value.
Do you take all the opposites in this? What will this mean? Possibly you do not believe
us when we say that in four years is not money value! What is it that has the greatest
importance for the people? The fixed assets! Raw materials, landmark, which can be
produced, food, minerals, everything that the people need.
Nothing we let the world have built, destroyed a handful of leaders who dare not look
to the horizon where we are! What makes you believe that the cosmic energy that built
this world you are not with a handshake can alter events, in the sense that your
earthly madness goes as far as you destroy all life on this planet you!
You will destroy your planet if you do not take your senses. We say, the U.S. review
continues, the consequences of which are the European states, world bank collapse also
shares the widespread speculation. Inequalities in capital formation is the foundation,
awareness of the third world is growing all the time.
The frequency of our famous raising is ongoing, the inescapable cosmic cycle. There
is no other course the positive life energies that govern all life, can only operate
in this way, but when the man reached given the high level that it has done now, we
share responsibility for the future of your planet.
Issues: The Human rate increase is going smoothly as you claim, should not this help
us from the chaos that threatens? You have previously said, in 2012 is not decisive,
now say you are 4 years up to the chaos?
You mean that capital in the third world is the cause, China, Arab States, Russia,
and all other states that have a surplus of capital.?
Answer: Man is incorporated in this cosmic microwave frequency system that is a
value for all life. What can we do about human wrong view did not understand! If
we could change on the human psyche with a handshake would we do this but thereof
prohibits us the raise of frequency, is his own man in the sense we can only influence,
Answer: 2012 is not critical, but in the meantime has become so scarce that the equity
bubble burst, we yards, not over events on earth in the sense that we can point to a
specific date, the truth is there, and for you, that for us,
Answer: We have pointed out that the reason for this financial bubble. Do not you
think that this is unreasonable, the so-called G7 countries with Russia as
accompaniments. They have their meetings, despite the fact that most of the capital
 they are playing with comes from the States may not be with! This is the real cause
of this financial bubble! See what we previously wrote.
The climate, what would be when our strenuous warnings about on the Web page, unless
 this would be a further threat to your life's existence! These cosmic events that
are governed of the cosmic truth under what you call God. How could the universe work
unless the overall consolidated management was? Are there any of you readers who
believe that the universe is governed by chance?
Chance has two existences, either by chance or is it not!
Must chance to be credible, there chance in its extension to the question of life
and death. The possibility of life on Earth would be as great as death, but
nevertheless there is life on earth!
The truth is, a world that you own, is subject to the cosmic energies in the sense
your thoughts are incorporated in the universe reality. Unless you understand or not,
we have tried to mention this on the website. Ahead of us all faded clarity! Have
you understood what we wanted to speak?
Recognize you now that your world is moving into depravity? What we are saying
here is the truth you have to accept.
What will you do?
Accept the consensus among all the people, understand that injustices must be
bridged. Realize that the world can not continue in a destructive use of resources
while ensuring a prosperous rich part of the world consumes more and more at the
expense of the poor people.
Try to influence the external high persons of power, giving you not to steel with
a focus on what the incumbent says, the only defending their positions. The common
overall power among all the people is the agenda that can lift to the level needed.
We say search deep into your soul, search the delicate sensitivity, love of all life
on this earth you. Understanding the Christian message, it is for you! Do not be
afraid of involvement in the universe. You will become more and more in agreement
with this. There is no fear, it lives within you in the sense created by yourselves.
What would then all our work to create this website unless we had a full view of this?
Search the uniform consistency among all the people, understand that you are not alone
in the universe. You have received this your farm to loans to improve it in the sense
of life for all frequencies, not to destroy the destructive without using the positive
energies of vitality in connection with the God you invoke a greater understanding for
your part in the universe indeed!