What the world now is worried about is whatever the statement "intelligent design" are science or not !  
The resistance for or against have a tendency to reach levels there mankind usual relations are to be broken.
We are saying that the resistance is a chimera, we are saying intelligent design tries to prove, not understandable
for those who do not have a meaning!

What would science be without anchoring in the religion ! How can science be a scienc without a norm to
mankind itself ? We are saying, science are groping after truth, if science believes be able to prove the exists
of people and the human thinking. The genesis of mankind intellect, is that possible to separate from that religion
which are stating that mankind has its origin in universe ?

What can science prove about origin of mankind ? Science is anchored in the conditions of earth, which mankind
as far as up to now succeeded to reach !  All the time makes this extremely controversial for us, when the people
of this earth do not understand holiness in universe! If the fact would be, that mentality of mankind, even include the
knowledge its own origin, that would be easy to think mankind have been in the position of change. That mean to an
existence thinking that mankind is a lost neuter, who admit to selfish disfavor thoughts without facts,  only for the day
the mass medial situation! We are saying: Where is the total picture of mankind existence?

Those who deny the origin of "intelligent design" must in wonder accept and understand the science truths which are
linked to "intelligent design". What would a science point of view, if mankind in its inner life not has prove for own
existence? When man of science, are looking for reasons to deny the existence of God, they will find themselves in a
vacuum of its own existence ! What can they prove beside its own existence?  

The process of understanding the truth of universe, in the hands of  understanding your own life!  May be this is
complicated to understand ? A man of science is on the edge to discover a revolution discovery ! This his truth is
linked to his discovery, which means he is part of the discovery, also his will, his eagerness and his intuition! Why is
this a part of him? The answer is he has his spirit personified in his own incarnation and that why he has been aware
of his talent, his intuition, at the same time realize his insufficiency that further more he will discover, which will hit him
just as suddenly, as this discovery has done!

Science and people who has the same meaning, must realize what we here are saying, not to create a resistance.
What we want, an increased understanding the truth of universe and the existence of God ! Mankind in the end will
be out of the limb, in its own work of life, so far as denying, an existence which belongs to the all in universe !  How
could even the most well-informed man of science explain how life started on this earth ? Where should this "prophet"
start ? When the earth was created or when qualifications for life existed? When life was shared in myriads of life ?  
Has not the earth been talent with the greatest of all men of science, Albert Einstein ? What was his relation to God?

" I do not think that God are playing dice with the existence of universe"! That is what he was saying ! If this man
Albert Einstein reached as close to the truth of universe that he could understand the complexity, the connection
with the all, according to the laws of cosmos, and why he stated, "as far as, I am religious"!  If the earth most
prominent man of science, can express in this way, would that not be evidence enough, that all followers,
"understandable man of science" will be on very tin ice?

At the end we must say, no one has the right to kill in the name of God, as far as we are aware the critic which
of most of "nonbelievers" are stating. But we are saying the love of God to all life on this earth is the only existing,
as far as, those who are limited their knowledge, and not fulfill its mental line, without seeing their stops as soul
control, not only are destroying for themselves, are leading others in a brushwood, there thorns in the end will
scratch the blood in struggling streams