Why we are extremely concerned about the developing world, is that these contradictions in the Middle East. It is
clear that Americans can not tolerate the upgrade that Iran is now doing in its commitment to nuclear power. In this
regard, it is possible that Iran's purpose of this to produce nuclear bomb. This threat exists not. But to gain the respect
of a technological development that benefit the country's vital interests, in the sense of recognition without actually
provoke the Americans to an attack. The unwise knowledge that the current U.S. leadership has, we reserve to set
up a warning sign that an attack might be imminent.

If the American leadership chooses this procedure, they all surrounding states in an emergency standby. What
Americans think that the Russians should see this, if not as a threat to national security. The imaginary friendship that
exists between Bush and Putin and the Russian leader has been transparent. In this regard, it is an inescapable fact
that the American leadership have displayed a reckless behaviour of its strategy to dominate the world with its weapons
discretionary power. Why a nuclear attack threat from Iran playback continually compares with that Iraq had weapons
of mass destruction, this was as unlikely as Iran is now preparing a nuclear attack against Israel or the United States.

Let us have fresh memories of the country since the Second World War, brought the great wars of aggression. This is
mainly the U.S.. What would be a global fact in that examination as a possible blocking of all American outrages on this
earth could lead to?

We argue that the current U.S. leadership has lost a foothold over the development itself has created. If we say that
management painted himself into a corner and how will it come out of this? What would President Bush POSTHUMOUS
if he and Nixon would be held to account for more than tarnished reputation in the American history books? The world
knows now, George W Bush mentality!

Is he not a little school boy who at any price get their will through? He can not perceive the world conscience sends signals.
His indoctrination into the family Bush mentality goes far back in time to his grandfather Prescott Bush, who founded the
global strategy on a U.S. supremacy in the sense the best for the world. This mentality pervades American society today.

Despite the current Democratic party is trying to make a semblance of the opposite attitude is the mentality so firmly rooted
here, too.

Subversion of the world's resources means the fatal mistake of the Bush regime to believe that American hegemony is a
universal natural course of events which leads inevitably to attacks on the States under the American leadership is not able
to perceive this. However, there are forces among the grass roots of American society that will not tolerate the current leading
right-wing parties, which in Indianans picture language means speaking with forked tongue.

Another existing reality co forward, who in everyday speech only FORWARD at popular locations in mass medians outskirts.
There is none of the existing current president candidates evidence of the presidency in January 2009. The world's new truth
documenting this, the existing world leaders must bite the dust, the same grass as the American grass roots see the U.S. and
other world's common future in.

What causes when our faith in this development? We wonder, what is the alternative? The world's peoples to calm, the silent
majority, wake up, grow up, understand, we communicate these messages to our prosperity, we have our incarnations assimilate
in the sense existence on this earth, both on other conditions of life in the universe, but what else can we do than to warn, in the
way we are allowed to do so as not to disturb the necessary development. We may not like sheep shepherd who found wanting
in their herd, and on detecting the wrong he does, and to take over the herd, but when we have the responsibility and what happens
to the sheep shepherd?

Read and ponder, we will return