The real reason for the Pan Am plane crashed, was the agreement that the Irish Republican Army IRA did. The
government of Lybia represented by Kadafi in the sense an arms shipment to the IRA. The bomb was placed aboard
Pan Am level, whose purpose was that the plane would topple over London.. Timing was destroyed by the bomb
man of lybian origin, but on behalf of the IRA, misjudged counter of time bomb explosion. An hour's miscalculation
was that the bomb exploded over Lockerbie the time the plane had time to fly

The lybian Government represented by Kadafi, saw this opportunity to punish the Americans for the attack on him
when his daughter murdered Tripoli 1986. IRA saw while its ability to cause so much harm to what they considered to
be a crime 'against the Irish people.. Thus, there was this agreement between Qadhafi and the IRA to jointly obtain their
objectives done. The man who was released from prison was not the man involved in the bombing. Whoever carried out
the failed bombers were assessed in Libya.

The Lybian government under Kadafi has always provided Ira with weapons, such as a step to punish Western powers
and preferably England. Together then found Kadafi and IRA's common enemy. The origins of cooperation among these
was the long supply of arms to the IRA. Complications will persist, the British are aware of these facts, but allows them
to be due to now establish a good relationship with Libya and Kadafi, to some extent in order for an expansion of trade
based on oil. Americans have fallen into this double game, but it was mostly U.S. citizens and an American airline in the
sense Kadafi got his revenge.