What we have here with this to say, as long as everything is focused on material desires and the ever-increasing pace, so those
who are outside want to compensate for this by taking from those who have!

But when a commercial bond is so strong, so has the theft craving a different sense, you steal, so to speak, the proximity of the
person in question, certainly in a terrible way, but what we want to say again, the original human sensitivity. "I do not feel good,
I want to take you both materially and emotionally"!
The growing trend has of course now that the material is no longer enough, it skipped and the brutal violence is increasing, how
is it frustrating boy, the man have his pent-up love needs satisfied if even the basal delicate human sensitivity is there, and never
had a chance to be understood and felt, because society does not give priority and attention to this, but the march into the commercial
exclusion run longer, and then of course, the brutality, rape increasing!

We say, we have on this website, previously informed about the human origin, the universe of truth, the man is part of this in its
genuineness, she belongs to the creations do not try to override this, you are unhappy in your tangible frustration