As we have previously pointed out, is the fragmentation of the source you got to you on this earth exposed to the strongest
emulsions in the sense you let you be guided by a commercial message and not enough with this lets you rotate on your brains
to the point that you believe it existence of love and joy in this disparaging commercial, which would benefit only the authors
who in turn only find satisfaction in a continued rush to an existing indifference. What would be better to focus on the single
idea, it is so difficult to reach. How many have not thrown in the nights up and down in the most troubled attempts to sleep in
the morning and was completely tired! What do you think your sensitive human psyche is created for? Is it to be hunted,
stressed at each other and as a substitute than thrown heavily into the commercial roll and then discover the emptiness and

How believe in a sensitive human psyche is created? What then would be impossible for a life on this planet composed and
developed if not for this delicate sensitivity was the devotion of the people! Each man knows what the other person knows in
that it must subdue aggressive feeling, but this is as it were based in an emotional alienation based on a fortune and happy feelings
in a commercial purchase and ownership and then discarded, in an ever faster pace , How is the original real delicate sensitivity
to arrive?

We say, search the original delicate sensitivity, find joy, find love and sexuality, and finally the calm that has been established at
the time. Contemporary people are so full of others stipulated requirements, we believe that operators of commercial circus to
an absurdness. We say we love creativity, we love raising of frekwens but what would be a way that drives people further and
further away from the original, delicate sensitivity, love!

We say how many of you today, have a truly satisfactory sex life, how many of you today dare to declare themselves in total
during orgasm? Then you absolutely nothing to made in each other beyond time and space, in this body and the mind total relaxation
and relaxation. Then you will have achieved what you call nirvana in the sense a turning point in your life cycle, you turn Sheet,
so to speak, a new page in your book of life the old disappears and the new data sheet with new energy and new life enjoyable
reveals himself.

We say, let not this good in your ears? But why is it not so? This is the origin of man that she created. Why should humans be
created if she would run further and further away from its origin?

  What causes this, if man is destroying its original psyche, and what she instead? For she must surely have a life term, and if this
is a commercial distorted consumption message without bond in the original sensitivity, we mean an artificial world without substance
in the human psyche! Man is a cosmic creation that we pointed out, created by God, you know, but cracked the original human
conditions, reduced affinity with the other living conditions on this earth and the commercial depraved forces may hand over, and
you can see is how the whole world is now crying out after the material, and how is this to stop, if this whole your world disappears
in a commercial chaos at the expense of the original conditions of life, love!

What we wanted to say with this total love, sexuality the common orgasm, the ultimate goal but the way there can be satisfactory,
although it does not point out here, we felt fully, and it is up to each and every one of their own community to set its own border,
and the experience together is one's own truth. Who can say when the overall happiness love arises, only the parties themselves!

We say, the human sensitivity, the original fight, so to speak with other gods, it can not combine, the required force, courage and
energy to reach the inner stillness of love, sexuality. To wrestle with thousands of different fluctations of thoughts which consists of
everyday life and take with them in sexuality, it is doomed to fail, do you with your thoughts in the sexual act that destroys you.
Sexual Act is as strong as the heart of breath, the idea is not needed, think of a beautiful calm lake, or something where you feel
calm and harmony, so take care living conditions it on their own, but once you are there with the idea whatever it mandates shall act ,
So everything is destroyed and you may start again.

Perhaps we point out this SUGGESTIVE, but the man's penis string, slipping against the woman's clitoris, so is nature once among
the animals so and among the people, but you choose!