This celebration documentary broadcast by Swedish television on November 30, caused a sudden lively debate
whether that's the incarnation of the medium Sture Johansson was the truth or fantasy? Well, it is quite clear clarity
to media Sture Johansson is not present when the spirit Ambrew speaks through him. How would Ambre to do
this if Sture consciousness were present. It would, so to speak, be a collision. Why Ambres have availed themselves
of Sture consciousness is to search in the biblical circulars in the Old Testament. The countless prophets here and
if they got their information in the same way as Ambres now pass through Sture, we can not see this so odd!

The question is why the channel itself Ambres in this clear way through Sture? It seems well for everyone now have
the attention you how this world is driven further and further out on the extreme wing, in the sense you are sitting on
the far arm with the saw, not because of that you yourselves have already begun to cut your own tree of life! What
do Ambres? Those who had the courage and curiosity to listen without prejudice allusions realize that this speech is
a deeply hidden truth, the eternal truth of all existence, in the sense of God's own truth and confirmation to the people
for understanding their own LUXURIOUS LIVING.

Why has it touched so many people now in the Swedish television documentary? Why has the resistance accentuated
in this trivial way? What is it that makes the solid scientific believers troubled in this way? What makes the feet and legs
turned out this way? Storm was the shriek of a FALSETTO run! It is their own ego that makes itself felt! Why should
I have this fixed belief, and with the security that I even have this need to change my philosophy that runs counter to
what I consider to be the only real!

A spiritual message significantly affect the essence of the soul, whether induced resistance in the sense of the threat of
themselves making the conclusion of the sovereignty and instead see that little of nature's complex networks. Since the
fall superimposed facing a no and forced him into the existing roots he / she is so dependent. What we want to say this
is a challenge to a spiritual message is the actual concern to point in human selfishness. What is the conclusion of its own
selfish thinking? How far out on the last branch will you go? Do you not see how the turmoil will grow over your head!
Justice is available within yourselves. Whatever you did to my least brethren, you have also made against me! How could
Jesus in a more clear way shape this!

Opposition to Ambres derived thus against the selfishness man has within itself, not to allow the soul awakening in humans.
Why else would this unprecedented letters gluttony which manifest themselves on the Internet to get these proportions?

We note, certainly in those letters to the editor columns are those who have an entirely different view, those who have
embraced the Ambres message and therefore understand the idea of non because to settle for the chest and themselves
as all-knowing. Those Ambres message seeks not to a contradiction, the only way to reach people under a common
umbrella in that wanders the solid scientific believers in the same way as the Ambras believers. What mandate for this stop?
It can only be the people themselves decide. If Ambres give you their message, listen and try to take you so much you can!