The Union of Humanism, want to strike out the religious message as without
justification. They are referring to their faith of believes that religion has created all of
the misery of this earth. But how can they require that the development of mankind
would be a straight line? It is now in the 2000 who all technical solutions, made it
possible the total flue of information to all living people on this earth ! The right of
the above mentioned, to dishonest the development process of mankind?
If all this misery was created by religion, what was it before ? The truth is that mankind
is in a constant raising of frequencies which all in universe are depending on!
The existents of life is a constant raising of frequencies, this must be ultimate presumption
for existing of life, what the alternative would be ? A negative development ? Which in the
end would lead to all life will be destroyed! More remarkable and this, is it not!
The religions must be seen in its connection, they was created on the place they were
situated!  What was the possibilities from the beginning? Is it then presumptuous
to say that the development of life should start on the level that nowadays mankind has?
  We are saying that the process of life which is on every planet in universe is totally
based on what we here are named as God!, As far as, the truth that every living individual
is depending on. This is the ultimate truth of all life in universe, whatever humanist or
deniers of God, wish or can accept! Why has all those doubts arise?
To do this assistants by God, that life was implanted on this earth, as of all planets in
universe, in the universal cosmic cycle of creation! What has Jesus said, "All you want mankind
should to you, you should do to them" ! Who has corrupted this message? The religions on earth
are equal, they wish to create conditions for living together, what would the alternative be ? War
and destructions ? It has been terrible brutalities between all of the people on the earth, and sorry
it is still continue, but we are saying, without the collecting force of religion no progressive development  
had accrued ! Mankind must unite in a thought, which means to establish anything, because all people
can not wear and tear each other, as in origin of life, when raising frequencies could not influence the
existing life!
As far as, the raising frequencies of God could not work until the level, so to speak has been reached!
The skeptical will of course ask the question, why? The answer is, a life will not be a life until the
communication with the frequencies of God are able to start. When? The cycle of creation, there is no
beginning och no end ! When will the tranceinmaterial pass over to the trancematerial ? We can notice
that the energies as different to the material are indestructible, as well as the message which those cosmic
energies are bringing in the universe, who are the necessary for all life! This is for the skeptical not possible
to understand, we are saying, an experiment of thought, let your thought run straight up in heaven, in universe,
waited until it comes back and hit you in the back of your head, and please be satisfied with that !
Your thought turned back, you are part of cycle of creation, the cycle of creation of God for all life on this
planet, as far as the whole universe! What we wish to say, to the Union of Humanism, criticize the acts of
mankind, but respect with humility the estimations send by God and Jesus !  What the world now stand for,
are faithless what we here wish to concretize, mankind are not grown up to handle the coming situation of the
world. To depreciate this message, we are saying, devastating!. As we have mentioned before, mankind needs
today, as in the beginning of time, a unity in thought, otherwise, wear and tear in own favors, and who of mankind
are in a position to tell the real truth ? What did Albert Einstein say:  When I see the order in the complex of universe  
I realize that God are not playing dice with universe !

Please, do not let those who has entered the shoulders of God, and depreciate the existence and message, and with
self-potentiated and own values to play dice with the life of mankind and all other lives of existences on this earth !