The Music is the strongest of all arts and together with mathematics, comes from
universe! The science attribute as medicine, physics and chemistry has its origon
in the earth alternative.

They are so to speak belonging to the earth!
How many times has not the music lovers surrender to a hit song with sensual
pleasure and energy, at the same time with great wonder surprising, that this
will be repeated over and over again ! All the time comes a hit song with the
same engagement, same joy, never end ! Have I not heard this song before ?
May be, perhaps something alike, but never the same!
The answer is that music stands in contact with universe, equal endless as
universe, equal endless are the music ! For the sceptical, this is not to be
thru ! But the music exists and the event exists and the answer for the
sceptical must be, why do I always see this happiness of feeling when this
song which I have never heard before give me this excitation!
Are the human sole that constructed that memories runs out after a while and
the same feelings comes again ? No, the reality is that if a song have planted
in memory, it will come back to be recognized, perhaps not with the same
happiness, but it will be recognized!

Who can explain that it all the time comes new hits songs, who never before has
been played on radio or on cd and all the time with surprising over the emotional
and inspiriting force!
For the sceptical this is not understanding ! But Jesus has spoken, that in my
fathers house there are many places, these places are the incarnated proudness
of universe, which means the music noble ground ! For the benefit of mankind.
In a constant crescendo of music engagements, and at the same moment as
mankind will be in contact with God, will be in contact with music, because
music the strongest, therefore canalisation through God to the people!
It is very difficult for the people living today to understand how hard rocking
depraved people, with 100.000 of listeners, but the experiences are the same,
this has not been heard before, the connections between the people the most

Why The Beatles had this enormous breakthrough ? Has not John Lennon admit
his engagement in the unknown ? There were strange specialized knowableness
in his life. May be his engagement from the beginning was meant to be
success ? What did he understand ? After world war II, the damming
up needs of emotional liberty. The inspiriting music created the string which
got the feelings to vibrate and the liberty in thoughts was there, the mankind
had reached the frequency, which universe allowed in the cosmic cycle and the
power of music appears in facts. Now all barriers was broken and now happens
what should be followed of millions of people in the whole world, namely the
music healing and helping power to solidarity and understanding.
For the sceptical there is no truth like this, but at the same time he and her enjoy
the power of the unlimited music, but they ignore the unity of mankind and that
God really exists!

What did Paul McCartney said, about his song "Yesterday", "Yes I am a believer"
At the end, the music is the existing, that makes the people to realize of the
togetherness with the existential all, from the universe exhaustless source of
recreation and joy in cooperation with all human life, and without the exists of
God, the all source, would that not be possible for mankind ! The sceptical do
not understand this, but at the same time he and her are part of the musics
joyful and the togetherness with God. This facts are to be underdressed of those
who refuse to understand the origin, in spite they can not explain, why they get
into ecstasy of hit songs after hit songs, and never understand and accept