The disturbances that your world now faces, we have not observed
the total collapse of world stock speculation, without the
slightest regard to the current ecological situation. People
turn a blind eye, neither see or hear. What would then our
commitment to this spring and Hakans web page, if we did not
want any of this?

What may be the reason for us to continually lead to repeat the
same phrases! Why cannot this be understood, that this earth is
created by this divine force that you have been able to take part
in your Bible! What leads you to believe, that life arose on this
earth, nothing is created out of nothing! The light commercial block
as people not able to perceive the universe is truth in that
disguised the truth, the incarnation! How can people on this earth
in his imaginary fantasy to believe, that the origin of this earthly
life comes from this earth. What was it before this earth was created?

Search the idea, this earth exist, therefore, it has created! And
whence came when the matter who created this earth, for it is composed
of matter! Come as this from nothing and became something? We say the
universe cycles, as well as the red rose garden in the inclusive garden.
The anchor and when spring comes to the speed and so the rose blossoms
in their glory throughout the summer to autumn fade for the winter.
We say with the intellect to affect root in the spring kick, now is
the life germ that case, now, the roses bloom again in its BEAUTY,
again makes people and everything else alive to enjoy the red rose,
even a summer and then continues it. In the small garden and what you
have not yet been able to understand the universe truth!

We ask again, what would be the Rose rot to begin to emerge? It must
be the sun's heat says the majority, it is our heat, but something must
surely be in the Rose intellect, yes we call it intellect, to demonstrate,
only to the surrounding earth warms up, so this means that Rose life
process starts, It grows as it is called. But how can the root intellect,
that just at the precise degree century, the groining processes start!
How can Rose intellect that it absolutely must begin to sprout! We say,
those who claim the origin of life on this earth, should also be able
to say something about rose rotes groining intellect, why it germinates
in the spring!

What we want to say with this is, to establish the truth about the earth's
existence, and all of the conditions of the permit should be available
to this complex network created by the divinity we are referring, above
all, the work of this planet your survival cycle!
Thinking you are never on why the life-giving temperature on this earth
of between 18 and 30 degrees, and this is constant for the life that now
exists on this earth you. And this is essential for it is here you live!
Should you continue to live on this your earth, we wonder? Why are this
division, tropical, temperate areas, deserts, sea and ice at the poles.
The answer is, all linked! Why blowing winds similar year on year, monsoon
rains in the warmer countries, why shifting seasons in the colder countries.
The answer is, this delicate complex networks created by the divinity you
call God, for the benefit of all life on this earth you, and for a continued
life to ever higher frequencies of understanding of the universe truth!

But what happens now? Beyond all reason to believe the people creating
an impossible degree of exploitation of the world combined resources,
in that a speculative shares that guarantees money-continuing value,
at the expense of all life on this earth! You must understand your
absolute selfishness, to material wealth destroys the network of all
the existential life! We try to alert and warn and warn!

Do you see now is not madness, which pile up on the horizon, how will
this get go? Are not there already clear indications that it is not
right with your soil?

We wish, we wish you, you who read this website, with all your force
for this our message forward, we are using Hakan, he will certainly be
more easily understandable, everyday events, predictions, which
reinforces the truth of our existence, we says that this is so infinitely
more important!